Advisory service and training

Advisory service

The services provided by SCReN include scientific and technical advice.

The expansion of knowledge in clinical research depends largely on the application of suitable methodological tools. The quality of the studies is related to scientific methodology, process reliability and high respect for ethical and legal standards.

In this way the UICECs that make up the platform guarantee proper management of their knowledge and experience.

The services offered by SCReN include:

  • Scientific and technical advice.
  • Development advice for study proposals.
  • Advice for study fund-finding.
  • Advice in the planning and implementation of pharmacovigilance plans.
  • Advice on scientific/medical writing of protocols.


SCReN means a commitment to clinical research by the Salud Carlos III Institute, which makes us liable for strengthening every one its stages, from the very foundations through to training.

Training is essential to ensure the competence of the platform for quality research, and for that reason it is structured in two levels:

  • Internal training: To ensure that every member of personnel in SCReN is properly trained, by means of the corresponding training plan.
  • External training: To assist in the training of health professionals in the methodological, ethical and legal aspects of clinical research.

The coordination of the training activities is carried out by Mª Angeles Galvez (Training Deputy Coordinator) and Head of the Hospital Ramón y Cajal Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Unit (UICEC). They collaborate in this task:

  • UICEC of Hospital de la Princesa.
  • UICEC of Instituto de Investigacion Biomédica de A Coruña.